Top 3 Issues With Air Ducts

Issues With Air Ducts

Do you sometimes think about the condition of your air ducts? While most don’t mind about their air ducts quite often, they provide you the comfort you need at home. Air ducts are the path that facilitates warm or cold air through your house. While you may not consider them, you will probably start to observe when something is strange with the air ducts.Below are the most common air duct problems you may encounter:

Dirty Ducts

A dirty air duct is one of the most common problems of air ducts. Dust or other debris can get stuck in the duct or its walls, which build over time.

If the air ducts are dirty, it can affect the efficiency of the HVAC system. You may observe that the heating and cooling system isn’t functioning as it should. Or you will notice that your monthly bills spike up as the system is no longer as functional as it is.

Furthermore, the accumulated dust and dirt can also diminish the quality of your air. Once the dirt circulates around your home, it may be more difficult to breathe.

Not Properly Sealed

When the air ducts aren’t properly closed, it can cause disaster. Leaky air ducts can result in air leaks in your house. Once the air escapes from the ductwork, it makes the system work more in order to keep the comfort of your home, causing the system to be less efficient. The harder the system works, the higher your bill is.

Improper sealing can also shorten the lifespan of your system other than decreasing its energy efficiency. Any leaks in the ductwork allow insects and dirt to pass through your ductwork, resulting in expensive repairs.

Improper Design

With regard to the ductwork design, it’s a general solution. Each house or building has unique needs with ductworks. They can vary depending on the size of the building, the rooms, and the spaces inside it.

Once the ductwork is not designed and installed by a certified contractor, it can lead to some issues. It may be more difficult to keep your house comfortable or end up with a system that doesn’t function properly and spike the energy costs.

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