Glaring Signs That Your Air Duct Is Leaking

Air Leak Inspection

When the air ducts are leaking air when you turn on your unit, it can give you and your family headache. It can spike your utility costs and affect the comfort of your home on hot days. Below are signs that your air ducts are leaking air.

Rooms Not Cooling Off : Once you power on your air conditioning system, it can add cold air to your house to freshen it. You can feel that the room gets cooler at about the same time. When you start to notice that some rooms are cooling unevenly, it’s a sign that there are leaks in the air duct. This prevents the cold air from reaching the rooms in the other parts of the house.

Higher Electric Bills : If you are paying much to make your air conditioner work monthly, that may be an indication that there is something unusual with it. It usually means that the air conditioner is working harder or longer than it often does and spiking the monthly bills. It may be because one of the components of your air conditioning unit requires repair or replacement. However, it may also be due to the air ducts leaking air once the air conditioning unit is working and pressuring it to run for a long time to freshen your home.

Very Dusty Home : When you start to spot some dust around inside the house, you need to look into it to identify the source. Leaky air ducts normally cause dust on the different surfaces around the house. They let the dust get in the ductwork and the house. By fixing the leaks in ducts, you can reduce or eliminate the dust that gets in your house and help everyone at home breathe clean air.

Aging Air Ducts : When you notice that the air ducts begin to age, it’s reasonable to consider that they can get a few leaks on them. You need to get them checked for leaks and perform necessary repairs. You also need to have a plan ready for changing your ducts when necessary. You should never wait for ages until the old ductwork wears out everything from the unit compressor to the quality of air inside your house. 

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